Saturday, December 19, 2009

Katie Goes to Kindergarten

Tommy had a Gingerbread party at school. The parents went in to help. I brought Katie with me.
When I had to help with the volunteers (my job of being Room Mom) the teacher offered to let Katie stay in the class. She was THRILLED!!!

Of course Tommy loved showing off his little sister in class.

When it was time to make the houses the kids had a blast. Katie made one too!

What an easy way to make the houses! They had small milk cartons and used frosting to "glue" graham crackers to. They used upside down ice cream cones for trees. They all loved decorating them.

When it was time to go back to class, Katie was allowed to go with them so I could clean up. She was even the line leader for the girls!

She loved telling everyone the rest of the dy how she went to Kindergarten!