Thursday, April 30, 2009


Katie is potty trained! *doing the happy dance*

I can't beleive my baby, well she is almost 3, has no more diapers.

It is a bittersweet day. I am beyond thrilled there is no more diapers. But on the same note, that means my last child that I will have has no more diapers. It means she has taken the next step in life. Like when she slept through the night, no more get it.

Today was the first day she went with Tinkerbell undies ALL day! (she is a TOTAL Tinkerbell junkie) Even when we went out! She had one accident. Thank god I had back up clothes. We were in the waiting area to get haircuts. I think she got into playing with the trains. Earlier that day we were out to breakfast and she went there.

The cutest was when she had just gone and she looked at me (while still sitting on the potty) and said "Momma, are you so proud of me?" Doesn't that just melt your heart?

Vacation- Part 1

I am back! I made through vacation with the entire family and the Outlaws!
We had a great time. Chris was surprised I was ol by the end. Usually by day 5 I am toast. I am usually crabby with zero patience left. For some reason not this time. YA!

The girls wanted a silly pictures on the way there.
That is Chris's beer!

The kids spent a lot of time in the pool. We brought Tommy's life jacket with us and he swam the whole pool instead of being stuck on the stairs. It was great.

Yes, he was playing with a Little Mermaid toy.

We hit the beach the beach.

The kids found a whole muscle. It was squirting water at them when it opened slightly!
Tommy made a picture in the sand of him and I.
My kids!
OK, that is all I have time for this morning! I will post a few more later!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

I am here...well not really!

We are on vacation. I am posting from my Blackberry, which isn't fun to do.

We are having a great time in sunny Florida. The weather is warm and amazing.

We have been shopping, to the beach and I have been sitting poolside!

Yesterday Chris and I left the little ones with my Out Laws and took the big girls to Islands of Adventure. We had a great day. We really needed to spend that time together.
After the park we headed to the Hard Rock for dinner. Sam's favorite place.

I will torture you with loads of pictures when I get back Monday!

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Much About Nothing

I have not much to blog about.


I have been packing. We are headed to FLA Monday for the week. Staying at the Out Laws house. It will be fun.

So since I have nothing exciting to share, I will share cute pictures of my little ones. I would share the older ones, but they are never home for me to take pictures of!

It was about 70 Friday. We spent much of the day outside.

OK, seriously, I know she is mine so I am bias, but don't you want to eat her face up?
Tommy is lounging out is his new chair.

Friday, April 17, 2009 of those mornings

I woke up this morning excited for the warm weather. It is supposed to be 70 today! Amazing!

Then I came downstairs and it all changed! It is only 7:00 am and this is what I have incurred already!

  • Hubby complained that we will be in Florida to long. We are staying with his parents from Mon-Mon. He says after 5 days I am done. Guess what? I knew that. However, when I booked the tickets it was $600 cheaper to go the times I picked, than come home on a weekend. He actually had me checking the airlines online and see if we can come back sooner.
  • Tommy whipped his blanket in Katie's face. I took it away. All he had to do was apologize to her to get it back. Easy right? Nope. He would rather cry and complain that he wants his blankie back then say "I am sorry". After doing that for a 1/2 hour he realized he was not going to win and said sorry.
  • Katie sees Tommy crying and tries to aggrivate the situation. She wants the little chair he is sitting in. This sets her off. I try to get her to move and she won't. I move her myself and she kicks, screams and cries. She starts giving me raspberries. (spitting at me) I am SUPER mature and do it back to her because I am ready to crack. It makes her cry and me laugh. She storms off to find Daddy.
  • Casey has her arm wrapped in a splint and sling. She fell off the ladder to her bed and bruised her arm really bad. Yes, right before vacation. This morning she can't find 2 out of the 4 bandage clips. She left for school with one bandage around her arm with the sling. BUT......not before realizing she left her backpack in her Dad's car last night. Did she blame herself? was Sam's fault. UGH
  • Sam is not talking to Chris or I. So that made her quiet this morning.Thankfully. We are awful parents and life with her Dad's is so much better. Even though we pay for EVERYTHING! Yup, anyone who is divorced will verify that kids think your ex, their Dad, is great and wonderful. Even though they owe you $5,000.

How will I survive the day?

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Our Easter Day!

I am a few days late posting these. I almost forgot to! Bad Momma!
This is Katie's basket.
Tommy's. Can you tell he LOVES Star Wars?
The girls got neat bags filled with stuff.
Here is Casey. Sam was still sleeping.
I had Easter dinner. It was a quiet one. My 3 siblings and their 9 kids between them all, were not here. It made for a quiet day. I had my parents, in laws, Nana, 2 uncles, aunt and cousin here.

Tommy and Katie made the edible napkin rings for everyone! I think they looked great on the table!
A holiday wouldn't be the same without my butter sculpture I get from our milkman. It has been a funny addition. I have had a turkey and Christmas Tree and now the lamb! I know you are all making fun of me!

Since my kids were the only one we had a small egg hunt. I cheaped out and bought prefilled eggs. They were cute. Katie had princess ones and Tommy had sport ones. We couldn't finish fat enough. It was so cold!

By days end, the kids were so tired. The crashed on the floor!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Mini Marathon 09!

Our town is the start of the Boston Marathon. There are always fun events leading up to the big day. On the big day, I usually leave town. There is just way to many people here and the roads close. This year we leave for Florida on that morning! However, the week leading up to it, fun stuff goes on.

The Kenyans usually visit the local elemantry school. That is really cool! After a big assembly, they stay and take questions from the kids. They also usually run the track (or something) with a few select kids. It is neat.

Today, the Moms Group hosted a Mini Marathon! Each kid of an "Official number" and a medal.(that was chocolate!)

Before the race, near the real start line.

Katie would NOT run. She did get a medal though!
I think Tommy ran 2 races!
The highlighter was watching the guys build a new Gazebo. Plus, their Daddy is running the project! Tommy loved showing everyone his Dad in there!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Tommy tells it like it is!

The little kids and I were in the Gap the other day.
I over hear Tommy saying to Katie, "Katie, You know, I remember when you were born. Grammy and Grampy took me to the hospital to see you. Daddy said I had to take good care of you" sweet......All these people are around and listening. I was so proud.

That didn't last long..........

He then blurts out...."Yup, after you, mom and dad are having no more babies. You were the last one they are ever having! They didn't want anymore after you!"

It was so funny. I think my face turned 3 shades of red! Several moms comments how funny or how smart I was for having no more. Others just laughed out loud!

Then the next day we are at church playgroup. (remember the week before he was making guns out of Legos?)

We are in the snack room and he looks at his friend and says "You want it? I got want it? I got it?" OVER AND OVER.


Friday, April 10, 2009

Breakfast of Champions!

Yes, my kids are eating pepperoni for breakfast right now.

There are some days when you don't feel like arguing about food.

This is one of them.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Yummy Napkin Rings!

Edible Napkin Rings!
I thought I would share this easy- kid friendly recipe. We are making them for the place settings at Easter!

INGREDIENTS: (makes 8)
1 package refrigerated bread stick dough
Edible Glitter or colored sugar
Cooking Spray
Tin foil

  1. Mold several pieces of tin foil into long sticks about the size of a paper towel tube. Spray with cooking spray.
  2. Open the dough. Shape the dough into long snakes and coil them aorund the foil severla times.
  3. Dip the rings in the colored sugar. (we put the sugar on before we wrapped them! OOPS!)
  4. Bake 10-13 minutes ar 375 degrees.
  5. Let them cool and slide the foil off.
  6. Roll napkins up and slide into them! (if you get that far! My kids usually eat them first!)


Tuesday, April 7, 2009


Gosh, she says the cutest things.

Tommy is so tired from being up coughing last night. (that darn asthma kicks in with a cold)

He was in the living room moaning.

She yells from the other room " TIRED BUDDY?"

I cracked up, she heard her daddy say it this morning.

When I looked at her and smiled she said, "Why you lookin at me? Cause I am cute?"

Man, she even knows it!

Monday, April 6, 2009

T Ball and Parade!

Tommy started T Ball this year. He is so excited. The town kicked off the season with the Little League Parade. Super cute. They even got the Official Red Sox Mascot, Wally the Green Monster, to lead it!

The little ones waiting patiently.

Katie wasn't so patient and ended up falling asleep before the parade started! Even the the Fire Truck didn't wake her!
Here they come!

This is the only one I got, Tommy put his glove up in front of him! GRRRRRR
Each team is a different professional baseball team name. He was SUPER lucky to get placed on the Red Sox! I wonder if our comapny sponsoring a team helped out at all!
The day before, he had his first practice. Man, they are all so cute. 1/2 of them don't even know the rules (including my son!)

For anyone who knows my husband, he is not the biggest sports fan. In fact, I had to explain football rules to him several years ago. I guess I am lucky that he does not sit and watch "the game" on weekends. The coach needed some help in the field, he got right out there to help! I had to take a picture! I think Tommy was so proud his dad was helping! I asked him if he was going to coach next year.....ya right.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Friday, April 3, 2009


This morning Tommy was watching my lovely husband work out. He was amazed that Daddy has muscles on his chest. Plus, Dad is cool and can make them move.

Tommy: "Mom, Dad has muscles on his boobs and they move!"

Me: "Wow, great!"

Tommy: "Ya, but your boobs aren't like that! Your boobs go down your chest!"

Ya, thanks......what a way to start the day!

Thursday, April 2, 2009


I got the great idea of telling someone I would run with them in a 5K race. Yes, I had several martini's in me when I agreed. She is still holding me to it!

The problem?

I don't run and I am out of shape.

The race is in June. *sigh* I guess it is a great goal for me to reach for.

I started the other day. Sam came with me. Thank god. I was trying to get my butt up a hill and she yelled "Come on! You are lucky I came with you, now get up the hill!" So nice when your 15 year old is coaching you to move!

We walked, ran, walked, ran. It was the only way I could do it. I just came back from another run. I did slightly better today. I did put some fun music on my iPod to get me through it. It worked!

I am determined to do it! I know I can. I just need to get over the first few hurdles of pain.
Hopefully I will have a smaller booty by June too! WAHOO!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

200th posts and randomness !

Wow, this is my 200th post. Man, I have a lot to say. Yes, if you know me in real life I am a Chatty Cathy. I am home with 4 kids, I LOVE adult conversation. My darling husband is far from a conversationalist. So when I get your get my mouth. =)
Now, people who don't know me get my Blog!

OK....some randomness

1. Tommy loves telling knock knock jokes lately. The problem? He only knows 3. So it is the same every time. He now has Katie saying them.

2. I am so tired of diapers but can't get Katie near a potty. She tells me she is scared.

3. I can't wait for April vacation. We are headed to Florida to my Out Laws place. I need warmth and sun. Chris and I are planning on taking the big girls to Island of Adventures without little kids!

4. I started running yesterday. I need to get in shape. It was a sorry sight to see. I ran, walked, ran walked. I have committed to a 5K in June. I can't even go 1K! Sam came with me and did a better job.

5. My house needs cleaning and I have no energy to clean.

6. I am headed out to dinner with girlfriends tonight. We have dubbed it "Dinner Club" like book club, only we go out to different restaurants once a month! This will be the 3rd time. It is fun!

7. I am sick of finding Lego pieces everywhere.

8. I am tired of sibling rivalry. How do you teach them to get along?

9. I need to go on a date with my husband.

10. I gave my son meatballs for lunch. He asked if I made them. I said I was pulling the premade package out of the freezer.