Friday, October 30, 2009

Halloween Parade!

Tommy had a costume parade at school today. It was so cute seeing all the kids.

Katie wore her outfit too. She was not going to be out done by a bunch of 5 year olds!

I love this video of Tommy. He was so proud to be doing it!

Wow....Long Time...No See!

Has it really been this long since I blogged? Wow!

Life is so crazy and this wasn't my top priority. Guess I need to change that! I promise to not go that long again!

Life is good. Kids are happy.

We celebrated Tommy's 6th Birthday. I know....I am bad...he never got his own post that day.

Mommy had a girls weekend in Boston. My girlies from out of state (even Canada!) came for a visit a few weeks ago. We had fun....even to much fun! What happens on Girls Weekend....stays with Girls Weekend!

We have been Apple picking

We have been enjoying nice weather

We have had fun playing in the leaves!

We have had tantrums
They even tried sledding one day.....with no snow!

I will try not to wait so long next time!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

When to Stop Undressing in Front of Your Son

When he says

"Mom, why are your boobs so big and long?"

Yup.....that did it for me!

Monday, October 5, 2009

Another 5K!

This weekend I participated in the Good Samaritans Run for Someone Else's Life 5K. It was in memory of my high school best friend, Jodi. She took her own life July 10, 2006.

Jodi's sister has been raising $ for the Good Samaritans for several years now. She has "Team Jodi Ann" and I was THRILLED when she asked me to run in it!

I have only two pictures. I got them from the website. I had no camera because it was raining.
This is our team! I am in the yellow hat with Chris next to me.

And here we are running!

Chris ran with me. He helped me cross the finish line in 30:41! My goal was to do it in 30 minutes. It was not a "chipped" race. Just a timer they had. I think I actually did it because:
A. It took me a minute to get over the start line (I forgot to start my own timer! Damn it!)
B. If I didn't have to dodge raindrops, puddles and mud, I would have been there!
So, in my own mind, I did it! =)

I started the race with Jodi's mom. It was such an honor. She was so good to me in my high school days. I actually lived with them for several months in my high school years.

When I crossed the finish line I lost it.
One, because I did it with out stopping. (I asked Chris to walk for 15 seconds and he said NO WAY, so I kept running)
Two, because it made me feel so good I did it with Jodi watching over me. Seriously, even though I was so out of breath and it was pouring rain, I was so happy to be there.

Jodi and I got in a lot of trouble in high school. I know my mom and kids are reading this, so I will not put it all down. I will just say that we were typical teenagers who liked to have fun. I think that is what makes me the mom I am today, to two teenage daughters. It is hard to get away with things that I know I have done. It also makes it easier to talk to them.

I just want to thank Kim and her family for inviting me to participate. It made my running all worth wild.