Monday, September 28, 2009

Sam and her Permit!


Sami got her Learners Permit to drive. I am so proud of her!

We waited at the RMV for about an hour. Off she went for the test!

When she got out she wanted to drive home. I told her I would drive through town and then she could drive the back roads from there.

I am not sure how "cool" it is to drive a mini van....but she got to drive!

Getting ready to pull out!

Off she went!

I have to say, I was VERY surprised at how well she did. It must have been all that parking lot practice she did with her dad.
When we got home I had errands to run so of course.....she wanted to drive!

Watch out world......she is on the road!

Friday, September 25, 2009

Tommy's Favorite Part of School

When asking Tommy what he loved best this week about school.....this was his answer....


HaHaHa that made me laugh!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

When Dad Likes to Show off!

Isn't it always the case?

Dad's are always cooler than Mom.

They do things Mom wouldn't normally do.

Like park the Jeep in the front yard like this!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

My New Love

My new Keurig coffee maker.

Oh how I love thee.........

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Happy Birthday to My Casey!

Dear Casey,

Happy 14th Birthday!

You have made me so proud this past year! You have overcome so much!
You grow stronger everyday!

I love how you are such a sports girl! I know you didn't get that from me! I will give that credit to your dad! Maybe your looks from me????

You are a wonderful sister

I love your sillyness

And you were just so darn cute when you were little! (I had to throw this on in!)

I love being your mom. Even though you give me a run for my money sometimes!

I also loved that when I asked you what you wanted for your birthday dinner you said Steak, asparagus and grilled veggies! I thought it was going to be a pizza night!

I love you so much! Do not ever forget it! Even when we fight or don't agree, it doesn't mean that my love for you is any different!



Monday, September 21, 2009

Family Fun Day at Battleship Cove!

Sunday we took the little kids to Battleship Cove. It is a huge Navel Ship exhibit.
You can get on all the boats and see it all. It was really neat.

My Dad was on a Destroyer while in the Navy. It was really cool to go on one and see how he spent 4 years of his life.

The stairs in the ships were very steep.
Katie, at one point, went down them without up........she fell from top to bottom! Poor kid has a welt on the back of her head.
She is one tough cookie....she cried for less than 10 min with Dad comforting her and moved on!
Tommy thought is was so awesome to be able to sit in the seats

Lay on the beds

and see Torpedos!

In the exhibits they tried to show real life. This is the kitchen.......they had MOLDY DONUTS!!! You would think they would use fake food!

And here is the washer and dryer!!! Ummmm ya.........I would not be happy having to do laundry here.....

The huge cannons were a highlight!

As was the anchor!
We ended the day on a carousel that was nearby!

Look how Katie is looking at her Daddy!

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Biking the Cape Cod Canal!

Last weekend we took 3 out of the 4 kids down to the Cape Cod Canal to bike the bike path. One end to the other is 7 miles.
To my amazement we did it!

I knew Casey, my athletic kid, would do it. Never did I think my 5 year old would!

We went to one side and back. That meant we all biked 14 miles that day!!!

We did stop at the end of the first 1/2 to walk on the rocks. We needed some time off those bikes after being on for 7 miles!

Plus, Tommy found a spider web to pee on!

We watched the fisherman. We watch one catch a 32" fish and then.......stab it...gross

We climbed back on and headed back.....another 7 miles!

Katie had it easy on the back of Dad's bike. She liked playing games with Casey. They kept trying to hold hands!

Never did I think we could bike 14 miles! What an accomplishment!

They were tired though!

Friday, September 18, 2009

Today's Lesson.....

Do not stick your finger in a Kaleidoscope, especially when it is a party favor and small. get your finger stuck!

Band Aids make it all better.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

First Day of Preschool!

Katie had her first day of preschool this week. It went FAR better than Tommy's first day!

She couldn't wait! She kept saying "Only big kids go to school, not babies"

She was excited to pick out her clothes.

She also wore a special piece of jewelery.

My dad, her "Papa" gave her a necklace for her birthday. It is a heart. One side says "Katie" and the other side says "Papa"

She couldn't wait to put her backpack on, which seemed so big!

While Tommy waited for the bus, he was offering her some advice since he went to the same preschool for 2 years. You know.....he is a pro!

When we got there, she walked right in like she owned the place!

She hung up her backpack
And found a friend!
I had to say goodbye 4 times before she acknowledged me!!!