Monday, August 31, 2009

Fruits (or veggies) of my Labor!

This morning I am making homemade pasta sauce! All from the veggies and herbs from my garden!


It is all simmering now and spells DELICIOUS!

Just thought I would share!

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Martha's Vineyard......again.

I am super lucky to have the in laws that I do. They have a house in Martha's Vineyard that we can go to anytime.

Chris went away for part of the weekend with his dad and brother. I took the kids to the Vineyard with my mother in law.

Yes, it was the week that Obama was there. He was staying not far from our house in Chilmark. There were no sightings of him, but I did see some cute Secret Service men!

There are always famous people, politicians and such around the island. Casey met Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick. The poor guy was hounded by people (including us) They had to shut the street down!

We tried to go to Lucy Vincent Beach, but Hurricane Dan was nearing and it was windy and cold. That didn't stop Casey from trying to Boogie Board!

After about 3 min she was done!

Tommy wouldn't go near the water. He decided to make a stone wall. Because every beach needs one!

Also, poor Grammy had a seagull poop on her and her lunch! I told her it was good luck.

Me and my big girls!

We went to a neat new place called Waters of the World in Oak Bluffs. It recently opened up. You can go in and see and touch some sea life. The little ones enjoyed it.

They had an alligator, horseshoe crabs, sharks, turtles and much more!

But their favorite part was when the gave them their own fish to take home.
Katie named hers Dorthy and Tommy has Chris (like his dad!)

This video cracks me up! The sting ray LOVED Casey petting it!

At the end of the weekend, Sam made us all dinner! A special pasta sauce, pasta and garlic bread! YUM!

Monday, August 24, 2009

Family Fun Day!

This weekend was Family Fun Day....minus the teenagers.

Chris owns a little tiny boat that goes about 5 MPH. was a step up from the canoe he had!
The kids love helping out. They were helping Daddy push out from the boat ramp.
Everyone was happy......

We stopped the dam and had lunch
And peed......
We went fishing........

Katie caught the only fish!
She named it Dorothy.

We put Dorothy back in the water to see her Momma.

Then Tommy decided to spray sunscreen in his eyes! Yes, it was by accident.

But that was the end of the day. He was all done being out on the water. We had been out for 2 hours. I was done at that point too!

It was a fun day!

Overheard in the bathroom

This was was overheard with my 3 & 5 year old the other day.

Tommy: "Katie, want to see if your private looks like my private?""

Katie: "Sure!"

**before I could run in and stop it**

Tommy: "Katie, yours looks like a butt and mine looks like a hose!"

They both started laughing! (as well as me!)

Friday, August 21, 2009

Do you know the answer??????

Tommy, with his inquisitive mind, asked me this last night........

"Do Mermaids have vaginas?" they??????

Leave it to my good friends Caron to find the answer!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009


Last night I was taking the girls out and witnessed a motorcycle accident. A woman changed lanes without seeing the motorcycle and he ran into her car and flew off. We were right next to her car when it happened. All we heard was the crashing sound and saw all the pieces flying!

I slammed my car in park and ran over to him. I was the first one to get there. I did not know what I was going to find. He was rolling around on the grass moaning. I was trying to calm him down and told him not to move as I called 911.

Calling 911 from your cell takes you to the State Police. I forgot that! I was just saying "I am on the on ramps of 495!" Then I realized I needed more detail!

The poor man's boot had come off and his heel was just hanging there. I have never seen anything like it. Thank god for helmet laws in Massachusetts! He had a full helmet, not like the ones that just fit on top of your head. I think he may have hit the pole. He was laying right next to it.

Thank god there was a nurse who had stopped to help. She was asking him questions and knew he had a compound fracture. She stayed with him until help came.

My 2 girls (16 & 13) came running over when I told them to get back to the car. I did not want them to see his leg and foot.

I think that may have been the worst of his injuries. He was alert, knew where he was. He was grabbing his cigarettes to smoke one!

There were so many people around. I knew he was going to be ok with the nurse and others there. I ended up leaving as the police were about there. I did not want my girls to see it all. They were so shaken up. I feel guilty now for not staying. But what more could I do? I did call the police and spoke to them. They took my name and # in case they needed me.

I hope this morning he is ok!

Monday, August 17, 2009

1 Year of Blogging!

Wow! It has been 1 year since I started Blogging!

What a year it has been.

I love being able to go back and see what has gone on in my crazy world.

I have the WORST memory ever (my hubby even makes fun of me!) so this is a great way for me to see all the fun, sad, happy, boring, silly moments in my life!

Thank you all for sticking with me and reading!

Friday, August 14, 2009

Sweet 16


Happy Birthday to you! I can't beleive you are 16 years old! Soon you will be getting your drivers permit!

You have been such a joy in my life. Although you give me gray hairs sometimes, it isn't often.
You are such a sweet girl with a huge heart. You are also very responsible. I love being able to trust you.

I love how I can always count on you to help with the younger kids. When I ask you to watch them you rarely turn your nose up. You are so good with them. You can see how much they love you. Katie always love to snuggle with you or just be with you in your room.

Although you and Casey do not get along often, I still love the fact that she can talk to you when she is having trouble. That is what big sisters do!

Even though you do not agree with me at times or don't like what I have asked you to do, you do not hold a grudge. You still love me (even though you are mad at me) and move on. I love that.

Thank you for being you! It is such a pleasure being your mom. I hope you have a wonderful birthday!


Monday, August 10, 2009

Kate's Motto

I think I am going to follow what Katie said to Dad and I this morning.

"Smiling makes you happy!"

She is right! I need to remember that today!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

The "Not Me" Person

Yes folks, I have the "Not Me" person in my home.

I did not invite him/her.

I do not know where he/she came from.

I *think* he/she knows they are not welcome here.

Does he/she know they are wearing thin on my patience?

Does he/she know that they are just getting the one who didn't do it in trouble?

Let me tell you a few thing "Not Me" has done.

This "person" keeps taking things that do not belong to them.

He/she has "borrowed" things that do not belong to them. Surprisingly I find it in somebody's room. But that child has not used it. Hmmmmmm

It has eaten things not belonging to them without asking.

It has left dirty dishes in the sink. This is against family rules. Put your dishes right in the dishwasher.

It has caused me to blame my kids for eating in the basement TV room.

They do not clean up after themselves.

They have used my iPod without asking.


I think it has followed me from my childhood home. It is strange. It left me when I left home and didn't return into my life until I had teenagers.

Any suggestions on how to make him/her leave?

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Cool Back to School Giveaway!

If you have a boy going back to school I have a neat giveaway for you!

Go visit my friend, John Deere Mom. She is giving away 3 John Deere Back packs!
Check out the rest of her blog while you are there. She lives in a gorgeous area and has some phenomenal pictures!