Friday, August 29, 2008

Determination and a 2 year old

Do those 2 really go together? I know they do, but I am not sure I like it!
Katie has now entered the stage of "No Hewp" (no help) and "No MAMA, NO MAMA!" (while pushing me away). It takes 10 times longer to do anything or go anywhere these days.

I have to say, I love hearing her put 2 words together. She has been doing Speech Therapy since June. She has come a long way! When she started she had about 10 words. Now she has 50 or so and is starting to put 2 words together! Although, "No Mama" and "No Help" are not my favorite, I still smile when she says it!

Thursday, August 28, 2008


Bare with me....I moved pics in Photobucket and the link changed...ugh!

No More Training Wheels!

The most exciting this on vacation was that Tommy learned how to ride a 2 wheeler. We have been raising them up little by little. Finally Chris took them off and off the went! Chris only had to hold the back of the bike for about 50 yards.
After going around the circle a few times (with Dad running along side of him!) he was ready to ride with the big kids! He thought he was so cool!

I love this picture.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Back from Vacation!

Whew.......was it really a vacation? I think for everyone else but Mom. They are fun, but why do us Mom's have to do everything? It is Wednesday and I am still unpacking and doing laundry.

We went to our favorite vacation spot (that we can drive to!) York Beach, Maine. We have a friend who has a cottage there and have been going there for about 6 or 7 years. We have, what I like to call, "summer friends" there. We only see them during the summer and it is like we never left. It is so nice.

Here are a few pictures!

The little ones LOVE going for a Trolley ride. Even though it is used to go back and for the to the beach or downtown, we use it as an event!

Casey and Kate in the water!
There is a great place near there called "The Marginal Way" it is a walk you take around the cliffs and beach.
Katie decided she LOVED my Clam Chowder. She stole it from me and ate it all!
And for a funny laugh, this is how Katie decided she liked to eat Goldfish on the beach. EWWWW

Saturday, August 16, 2008

I am going away!

So, I just start a blog and then I take off with no internet for the week. Hopefully I will have some good stories for you all when I get back!

Friday, August 15, 2008

Packing for vacation

We are leaving tomorrow for vacation for the week. Why is it that I get stuck packing for EVERYONE? The big girls pack themselves, but I have to make a list for them. Chris packs himself......and that is it. When was it my job to pack myself, Katie, Tommy, food, sheets, pillows, blow up beds, toys, movies, bikes, scooters, helmets, diapers, wipes and everything else that comes with going away for a week!

Last weekend we spent one night in a hotel after my BIL's wedding. I packed my make up bag......with no makeup! I packed the kids stuff......but no toys. How did I do that? Maybe because I was busy getting everyone ready. Chris was the Best Man and the 2 little ones were in the wedding. I was rushing around all day. Trying to send the groom a text message to stay sober (he is 25 and wanted to go to a strip club hours BEFORE the wedding!), get everyone dressed and then pack past minute stuff the GROOM forgot! UGH!

I am realizing I have to become Supermom at least once a week. I wish someone would appreciate it!

Speaking of the wedding. Here are a few pictures of them. I guess it was worth all the hassle in the end!


Thursday, August 14, 2008

Sami's 15th birthday

Today is my oldest child's 15th birthday. I just can't believe it! It just doesn't seem possible. My son thinks I am only 24, so I guess it is impossible!

Sam is entering High School this year. I know what I was doing at 15 and the trouble I got in when I was in 9th grade, so I am scared! I hope she doesn't give me gray hairs like I must have given my mother.

She has a cell phone, but I surprised her with a new "cooler" one. The Voyager. She is the envy of all her friends. Touch screen phone with a whole keyboard. She is the Queen of text. I don't think kids talk on the phone anymore! They just text all day!

Oh, to be 15 again. Remember those days? I wouldn't go back to them for all the tea in China! At the time I thought I was so smart and I knew everything. I dated older boys and ran with the "partier" group. I never played sports or did any extra curricular activities, who would when you could drink and make out all weekend! I did work though. My very first job at McDonalds. I think I lasted 3 months then got a *better* job, working as a cashier at a grocery store.

Well, Happy Birthday to my baby Samantha. Who, by the looks of her, isn't a baby anymore. =(


My first time blogging!

I thought I would give this a try! I love to stalk other people's blog's (Kaycee, Bridget, Lisa, Karla and more!) and thought "hmmm, maybe I should give it a try!" I am wondering if my life is interesting to other people. We shall see!