Thursday, July 30, 2009

My Husband Cheating???

Apparently there is talk around town how my husband was on his motorcycle with a "young lady who was not his wife"

They just don't realize it was our 16 year old daughter!

Ahhhhh....the life in a small town!

Name Changes!

Tommy announced to us last night that his new name is Scott.

That is what he wants us to call him.

He says he always likes that name and wishes we named him that.

When he decided on the name change, we were at the playground. I over heard him telling other kids that it was his name.

The other funny part? He told us he renamed Katie to "Tortilla"

Yes, so now I have Scott and Tortilla"

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Love and Death

Tommy started off by saying the sweetest thing...
"Mom, I am in love with a girl..You!"

Sweet right?

That is until his next line.

" When I am an old man, you will be dead! Right?"

Aaaaaa....what a sweet 5 year old!

Did I Say Torture?

Ok,ok. It wasn't that bad!

I know yesterday I said I was being tortured. It turned out to be fun.

The little kids had a great time in the amusement park. The other side was a water park, they didn't care for that.

The big girls were on their own with friends. They had a blast.

Later in the day we (all 15 of us!)came together and the adult got to go on the big rides. Roller coasters and all. That is what made it better.

Maybe I was just jealous that Katie and Tommy were having all the fun and I had to watch.

We stayed there until about 7:30.

We have a few days left. We leave here Saturday.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Being tortured

As I write this I am sitting in 88 degree weather, hot sun, being tortured at an amusement park.

The big girls are off on their own with friends. Chris and I are watching the little ones go on rides.

We are on vacation in Maine. The week has been great. Today....not so much.

The things we do for our kids!

Friday, July 24, 2009

My Souvenir !

So I go to Niagara Falls with the girls and came with a..............

TATTOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (sorry mom! I know you are reading this in horror!)

Yes, I did it. I am 35 and this age has hit me hard. So I got a tattoo.

I have wanted one for about a year. I knew what I wanted. A Dragonfly (which I love!) with each wing a kids birth month color.

I happened to mention to them that I wanted one. They in turn jumped all over it. I wan't leaving NF without out.

While we were at the mall we looked in the phone book to see if there were any around. There happened to be one down the street. I figured we would drive by and see if it looked ok.

It was. So we went in!

I wanted to see if it was clean and see the artwork they had done.
We walked in and were impressed. It was very clean and the art work looked great.

The owner, Dave, said if I wanted he could do it in a few minutes.


It was going to be real!

I sat down and he explained everything and showed me how sterile everything was. He changed his gloves so many times while doing it. Everytime he touched something that was not me or the tools, he changed them.

This is Dave explaining it all to me.

It really helps having friends there! I think I broke Jess's fingers! She held my hand the entire time!

It also helps to have friends watching and getting their approval!

It REALLY helps when one of his friends come in and offers you maraschino cherries that have been soaking in Tequila for 14 months! YUM!

Oh the pain!
But the end result was worth it!!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Miss Katie

Tommy: MOM!!! Katie called Casey a Poop!

Me: do not call anyone a Poop!

Katie: But Mom....I didn't! I called her a POOPIE!!!

Yes, that is different.........

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Niagara Falls

This past weekend I went on a girls weekend to Niagara Falls. It was such a blast!

I met my 3 friends there who I have been friends with for 3 years. We have kids the same age. It was sort of a "middle point" for us. Although, I had the longest drive. But it was well worth it!

I got there late Thursday. We had dinner at a Mexican restaurant and hung out.

Friday was rain....what are a group of girls to do??? SHOP!!! There was an Outlet mall, so we spent the day there.
They had some really cool circus like people walking around.

Saturday was our sight seeing day. Off to the Falls we went! I cannot explain how gorgeous they are. Seriously, breathtaking.

While there, we went on the Maid of the Mist boat. It gets us right up close to the Falls!

See those boats down there...............

And the boat close to the Falls.............
YUP.....that is what we were headed on!

Before getting on you need to get on an elevator to bring you down!
This picture is crooked, but it shows it!
They then give you rain ponchos to stay dry!
Here are the Falls up close!

We went back to the hotel to change and get ready for dinner at the Hard Rock. It was fun. Music, food and drinks!
We did have 2 nights out hanging out at a local bar. We had a great time. For some odd reason I attracted the old men or the ones who were drunk.
This man tried to tell me that he lost a bunch of money at the casino, but moments later told me how they wouldn't let him in the casino because he had a dirty ID...HUH?!?!?!

Sunday we were all up and out early for the long ride home. I had 6.5 hours.....but it was well worth it!

Wait until I tell you what my souvenir was!!!! I will post that tomorrow!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

I am Featured on a Travel Blog!

My first time being featured somewhere!

First, welcome to my visitors coming over from Traveling the Blogosphere! I am super excited to have my Martha's Vineyard post featured over there.

To my regulars, go check out Katie Lane's Blog. You will see some cool places to travel too!

I Crown Myself........

Worst Mom of the Day!

Yup, I get it today! Poor Katie.

We were making pancakes. It was a great "mom and kid moment."


I touched Katie with the metal spatula!

The one that I just used to take the pancakes off the stove.

The one that was super hot!

It caused her to screech.......

It caused her to bleed......

I am awful!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Ramblings of being boring

My blog is boring lately.

I don't have much to say.

We have been so busy with summer.

All kids home is torture! I can't wait for September.

I did sign up for another 5K in September. That should motivate me more to run.

Maybe I will post some pictures later of our summer.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Martha's Vineyard Vacation

We had a wonderful time in Martha's Vineyard.

We are very lucky that my in laws have a house there.

The weather was cooperating. Massachusetts has seen so much rain the past few months. Really, it rains almost every day lately. We lucked out and had sunshine most of the time. When it did rain, it went right over us pretty quickly.

Here we are on our way via the Ferry. Or as Katie called it "The Fairy Boat". She thought we were going to see lots of Fairies on it!

You always have to go on the Flying Horses Carousel and try to catch the Brass Ring for a free ride! We went daily. This was the first year Katie could do it herself!

Also, Ice Cream is a MUST!

Our friend Donna came with us. She has not been in 30 years! She had a great time with us. (I think!) This is Donna, my mother in law and me at Menemsha Beach

We were sad to see her go. The kids really enjoyed her. Tommy was yelling to the ferry "BYE DONNA!"
We shopped...a lot! We found these statues in Edgertown. Tommy tried to pose like them all! It was so funny!

Whether is was sunny or not, we hit all the beautiful beaches there!

Tommy got in the "photo action" and took this of Katie and I!
I love it!

On Friday, Dad came. Can you tell they were happy to see him?

I think Katie was Blogging here on her Batman Computer.
We left a few days early. I was ready to be back home and Chris was leaving that night also. It was just easier

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Camp Letters

I got a few letters from the girls today from camp.

The content of the letters fits their personality so well.

Casey sends one letter. It looks like she was just doing it to make me happy. She says "send me socks, mine are dirty!"

Then there is Sam. She send 2 letters. Both detailed. One is detailed by day!

She made me laugh!

She says "We went canoeing with Pat (a super cute life guard)....." *yes, she is my child!*

The other one said "My roommates are nice. Although this girl, Dianna, admitted to us that she was a lesbian. Oh well!"

They both sound like they are having fun, despite the rainy weather they are having. I get to pick them up Friday!

Yes, I do miss them a bit. The time away is good, but I miss them!

Thursday, July 2, 2009


I am away for the week.I am spending the week at my in laws place in Martha's Vineyard.

I have limited access to the internet. My Blackberry only works if I stand in a certain spot and the wind is blowing just right. Really, I can't turn my head or I lose the signal!

Also, I can only get on the internet when my dear father in law is out. I have to unplug his to plug mine in.

So, I will be here occasionally!

Pray for no rain! It has been raining in MA for WEEKS!!! Really!