Thursday, August 14, 2008

Sami's 15th birthday

Today is my oldest child's 15th birthday. I just can't believe it! It just doesn't seem possible. My son thinks I am only 24, so I guess it is impossible!

Sam is entering High School this year. I know what I was doing at 15 and the trouble I got in when I was in 9th grade, so I am scared! I hope she doesn't give me gray hairs like I must have given my mother.

She has a cell phone, but I surprised her with a new "cooler" one. The Voyager. She is the envy of all her friends. Touch screen phone with a whole keyboard. She is the Queen of text. I don't think kids talk on the phone anymore! They just text all day!

Oh, to be 15 again. Remember those days? I wouldn't go back to them for all the tea in China! At the time I thought I was so smart and I knew everything. I dated older boys and ran with the "partier" group. I never played sports or did any extra curricular activities, who would when you could drink and make out all weekend! I did work though. My very first job at McDonalds. I think I lasted 3 months then got a *better* job, working as a cashier at a grocery store.

Well, Happy Birthday to my baby Samantha. Who, by the looks of her, isn't a baby anymore. =(


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Lisa & Curtis said...

Happy Birthday Sam!!!! And Congrats Momma! Can you believe you became a mommy 15 years ago?! Hope you all have/had a great day!!~Lisa