Friday, July 24, 2009

My Souvenir !

So I go to Niagara Falls with the girls and came with a..............

TATTOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (sorry mom! I know you are reading this in horror!)

Yes, I did it. I am 35 and this age has hit me hard. So I got a tattoo.

I have wanted one for about a year. I knew what I wanted. A Dragonfly (which I love!) with each wing a kids birth month color.

I happened to mention to them that I wanted one. They in turn jumped all over it. I wan't leaving NF without out.

While we were at the mall we looked in the phone book to see if there were any around. There happened to be one down the street. I figured we would drive by and see if it looked ok.

It was. So we went in!

I wanted to see if it was clean and see the artwork they had done.
We walked in and were impressed. It was very clean and the art work looked great.

The owner, Dave, said if I wanted he could do it in a few minutes.


It was going to be real!

I sat down and he explained everything and showed me how sterile everything was. He changed his gloves so many times while doing it. Everytime he touched something that was not me or the tools, he changed them.

This is Dave explaining it all to me.

It really helps having friends there! I think I broke Jess's fingers! She held my hand the entire time!

It also helps to have friends watching and getting their approval!

It REALLY helps when one of his friends come in and offers you maraschino cherries that have been soaking in Tequila for 14 months! YUM!

Oh the pain!
But the end result was worth it!!


Angie said...

Wow that looks cute! I have always been too afraid of getting a tattoo plus I'm afraid of how it will look on wrinkly skin when I get that was a really neat idea doing the wings with each birth stone. Very original. :)

Lara said...

What a great idea for a tattoo!!! It is awesome!!!

Rebecca Jo said...

How fun!!!!!

Karla said...

I think that is a really classy and meaningful one!

Kim said...

It's cute!! And I love that you incorporated your kids into it! You're so much braver than I am!

John Deere Mom said...

Yay you! I love it!!

Bethany said...

I love it!!! I'm trying to decide whether or not to get one myself :)

Kristin said...

That's cute! I'm curious to hear what hubby thought when you got home? I think mine would have loved it.

Kara said...

Looks awesome!

Mike said...

You popped your Tequila Cherry!

Looks nice - hope Chris didnt have issues ;)

~Gretchen~ said...

it's purdy!