Tuesday, November 24, 2009


Things I ponder......

Why can't people admit when they are wrong?

Why can't people who are adults, act like one?

Why can't people who have children love their children for who they are? The good, the bad and the ugly. Life is to short to shove them aside.

Why can't people hit spell check when they email you? It really makes you look that much less of a person when you are trying to make a point, but can't spell a simple word, or many for that matter.

Why do kids decide they need you the very second you are on the phone or in the bathroom?

Why when you have no kids around and are excited to sleep in the next morning you can't? You wake up the same time your kids usually wake up?

Why when your house is a mess someone decides to stop by unannounced?

Anyone else want to add to my list??????

1 comment:

Karla said...

LOL, you make some great valid points Rebecca!!

Why do our kids always act up when we are having a bad/tough day?