Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Monster Truck Show!

We took the kids to a Monster Truck Show. They LOVED it! Tommy went last year with Chris. This year Katie wanted to go. So off we went!

At first she was nervous with the loud engines and wouldn't get off our laps!


Tommy got to see his ultimate FAVORITE truck! GRAVE DIGGER!


My favorite was watching the dirt bikes! They were amazing!

Of course eating the shaved ice was a favorite for Katie!

 We even got to see Uncle Mike and Caden! They were 2 sections over from us!


In the end it was a great day! I would love to again again next year if the boys let me! Katie seemed to enjoy it! It wore her right out!


Angelica Emmanuel said...

Heh, the stunts those dirt bike riders can pull off are rad! Of course, the monster trucks are equally impressive. Well, it looks like that show had a little something fun for everyone in attendance. Cheers!

-Angelica Emmanuel

Molly Stegall said...

Funny, when i was little i bet i would do the same thing!