Thursday, December 30, 2010

Christmas x3!

Christmas in our house is a lot! We have Christmas with my dad, Christmas with the in laws and Christmas at my moms.
Oh and Christmas morning with us (and my in laws who come for breakfast)

I hosted 2 get togethers for Christmas Eve. Noon was with my Dad and siblings
5:30 was with the in laws. I was toast by the end!

Katie's favorite gift was her Pillow Pet from Auntie. She was even here this morning dropping my nephew off and Katie said "Auntie, thank you for my favorite present!"

Christmas morning. Was so fun! This year was so exciting. Katie just LOVED it and really understood what was going on!

She made pictures for us and put them under the tree.
Sami was special and got hers in a box!

She was also excited to give Daddy his.

When all the gifts were opened, she went under the tree to look for more!

Trying to get a family picture of all 6 of us is tough. So we tried just the kids first.

Then us!

I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas!

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Rebecca Jo said...

It must have been the official "Aunt" present because I gave my niece the unicorn Pillow pet too! ;)

So glad to see you back in blog-land!