Wednesday, December 22, 2010

He Loves Me....He Loves Me Not!

Tommy(7) is still into expressing himself through signs.

Yesterday Sami and I were the recipients or 2.

The first one is to Sam. She was home with him and he wanted to go outside in the snow. Problem was, Sami didn't know where all his snow stuff was. She found this:

"Meen sister hoo dus not let cids outside"

I loved the P.S "I love you Mom"

He didn't feel that way for long!
Later that night he got in trouble for being fresh. He lost his dessert. I found this:

"Meen parints hoo dus not let there sun eat!"

Earlier in the month, Tommy (1st grade) was to write about when someone was bossy to them He chose Sami.

"Ones my sister sam told me to get owt of har room!"

I love how he expresses himself!