Sunday, December 19, 2010

OK, OK.......I Really Will Be Back!

I have decided I really would like to get back into blogging. There are so many things I want to share or even things I want to post about my kids so I will remember! Plus, my oldest, Sami, told me last week I need to start doing it again! I took it as a sign! will begin here!

We, like everyone else, are getting ready for the holidays! It is such a busy time.

Katie, 4, is soooooo excited this year! She truly can't contain herself! She is now going to a Christian Montessori preschool. She is learning the true meaning of Christmas. We are not "church goers" but this is making me want to be. They excitement and love in her eyes when she talks about Baby Jesus is amazing.

Last week her school went to a local place called the "Fatima Shrine". Every year they have tons of lights and you learn about Jesus and Christmas when you walk around. The families walked around on our own then went into the the Hall and had a little skit, sang songs and had birthday cake for Baby Jesus. Katie just loved it.

Kate and her best friend Kate.

Tommy took the camera and took pictures.

He then tried to copy his big sisters by holding the camera up to take a picture if he and Katie.

Part of the family....we are missing the big kids!

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Karla said...

Welcome Back!!

Enjoy every minute of the season! Merry Christmas!!