Saturday, November 1, 2008

Halloweenie (as Tommy calls it!)

We had a great time Trick Or Treating. We go every year with our friends. This year we hit our neighborhood.

Daddy packed a bag full of beers and loaded the wagon up!

There are no pictures of the big kids. Sam had a football game to cheer at and Casey wouldn't be caught dead with us.

Katie was trying, as always, to copy her brother.

Katie and her buddy, Julia.

Tommy and his BFF, Aidan.

Lauren got tired.........I have no idea where Julia is, who should be riding in the stroller!

Ash made the crayon costumes. They came out great. She made Jason wear it. He was such a good sport (with the promise he was "getting some" later)

Before you ask, yes, he wore it all through the neighborhood!


Karla said...

Looks like fun!!!!

nikkicrumpet said...

The things a man will do when he's promised "some" LOL...he makes a mighty fine crayon...and blue is definitely his color!

It's all about my Momtourage said...

Damn that's one HOT Crayon!