Friday, January 30, 2009

Dear Mr. Valet,

Dear Mr. Valet,

I usually do not use the valet service at the hospital. I try to get there in a timely manner so that I may use the parking garage across the street. It saves me $5.

Yesterday, I decided it was in my best interest to use it. Tommy had an appointment with his Allergist. It was at 2:15. I am not a big city driver and this was the 3rd time I have trecked it into Boston's Children's Hospital. I had tried a different way in since I had heard of an accident on the Mass Pike. It was a bad decision. My Navigation System, which I have not updated since the competion of the Big Dig, took me in a roundabout way. Because of that, I was running late.

I pulled in at 2:10. I decided I should suck it up and valet the mini van. It would save me lots of time. I was thrilled when I drove up and you told me I had a nice, warm smile. It made my stress a little less with your kind words.

I took my son to his appointment (which went great!) I came down and paid for the valet at the booth. I was surprised it was about the same as the parking garage, I would just have to tip you. So that just made it a few dollars extra. Totally worth it, I was thinking! I was on time for my appointment and my ego was boosted ny your compliment.

Boy was I wrong! You pulled my car up, I handed you a tip and the ticket and you quickly ran away. I realized why you ran as I was putting my son in his car seat.


Are you kidding me? You could not hold your gas until you delivered my car?

You had to let it rip in my car, the 2 minutes it took you to get my car and bring it to me?

Why would you do that?

Why would you torture me so?

This has signed, sealed and delivered my reasoning never to use your service again. I will take the parking garage in the snow, sleet, rain or cold any day.




Sarah said...

OMG!! How gross! I would have been been so angry! EEEWWW!!!

Anonymous said...

OMG I think I would start having a tantrum right there LOL

SuZ said...


-Bridget said...

Oh my! How disgusting! But so incredibly funny!

DiPaola Momma said...

Boys suck! Well let me be more clear, Valet boys suck.. Glad to here Mr. T-man had a good visit. Our little bespecticaled (gosh I can't spell) boy, #3 just had his optho visit, no change, but that means we didn't go down either. I think our guys (Tommy and Peter) both look tre cute in the glasses anyway! Thanks for the support for back is in the afternoon tomorrow.. annother sleepless night for mom.. but in a good way. Take care.. stay warm and smiling.. he he

Rebecca Jo said...

Did you see that Seinfield episode that is very similar to this????

sherman_tracey said...

chris will say "I told you so"!!!