Sunday, January 4, 2009

Today's Project

Today I was determined to make a craft area in the playroom for the kids. They have been using my dining room table lately. It was annoying.

Katie has turned into a Crafting Queen at the ripe ole age of 2 1/2. Tommy used to NEVER like to color or do anything. At school the teachers would say to me "He isn't the most crafty one, is he?" It was always a treat for him to being a picture home. I think seeing Katie enjoying it is starting to change his mind.

It was nothing spectacular I did. But it works! I dug out our 6ft table we use for parties. I covered it then added a few folding chairs we had. And Viola.....the craft area was born!

I bought some organizing stuff. Drawers for the paper, stickers, beads, glue etc.....

The kids love it!

Katie started painting. I had never let her before for fear of wrecking my table. She loved it. She was doing it so nicely.
Then Tommy called me in. She started to finger paint instead!

I am so happy they have a place of their own to color and create!


Sarah said...

That's great...looks like you have a little artist on your hands! I totally know what you mean about them taking over the dining room table...Rrrrr!

SuZ said...

I'd kill for a craft area... hell, I'd kill for a playroom! :)

just the five of us said...

What a fantastic idea! My kids seem to always want the kitchen table too or the computer area. NO GLUE by the computer:) and they always have to be reminded to clean up when they are done!

Anonymous said...

Oh that is so cute :) I would love craft area for my daughter, now she's doing it in the dining room ugh!

sherman_tracey said...

they still use my nice dining room table too! I hate it! i was going to buy a table pad but REALLY expensive!!