Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Fathers Day!

Happy Dad's Day to all the Dad's in my life!

My husband, Chris. He is a wonderful father! Not only to our 2 kids we have together, but to my 2 daughter's. He treats them like his own and always has. You would NEVER know that the are not biologically his. People are surprised when they find out. He loves and supports all of them.
Thank you for being a wonderful husband and father.

My Dad, Frank. He is a GREAT Papa! He makes the time almost every weekend to see his Grandkids. One week it is mine, the next my brother's and then my sisters. Whoever is available that weekend. He loves spending time with them all. He takes them out to breakfast or lunch. He never comes empty handed either. Whether is is a cookbook for me or something he saw for the kids.

My Step Dad, Manny. A wonderful guy who is not only a 2nd dad to me, but a great Grampa! He is a great guy to bounce ideas or troubles off of. For that, I am grateful.

My Father in Law, Ron. Without you, many things in my life would not be. He is a great supporter to our family and a great Grampy. We love spending time with you at the Vineyard and in Florida! Thank you for everything.


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Karla said...

You are very lucky to have so many special men in your life Rebecca! Happy Father's Day to them all! :)