Saturday, June 27, 2009

It Happens In Three's!

Like the most of the world I was sad to see the passing of 3 stars. Micheal, Farrah and Ed. All of them icons on some way.

MJ's death and music is everywhere! I think it totally overshadowed the others. That was sad.

It also made my son terrified.

Yes, it did.

I put him to bed last night and left the room. 3 minutes later he was screaming for me.

Tommy "Mom, I am scared!"

Me: "Of what?"

Tommy: "Of that Micheal Jackson guy! He died and he is scary How did he die?"

Me: "I am not sure. I think he was sick and his heart didn't work anymore"

Tommy: "Well, I saw him on the news and he looked so scary. He had weird yellow eyes"

The light bulb came on! He saw clips of the Thriller video on TV! Poor Kid!
That video is classic! I remember sitting watching MTV waiting for it to come on. It was like a mini show!

And of course, we all learned how to do the Goul dance. Say you didn't, but I know you all did at some time or another!

I also know you all tried to Moonwalk!

**Note to more watching MJ documentaries or the news in front of Tommy!**

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Kristin said...

My friends kids had nightmares too- after watching his plastic surgery changes!