Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Screaming Child in Isle 5!

Last night was a shopping trip from HELL!

Casey decides to tell me the night before she needs a new bathing suit for a pool party tomorrow. Of course she does!

Chris had a meeting last night.
Of course he does!

Sam and Casey needs stuff for sleepaway camp, so they ALL need to go to Kohls.
Of course they do!

Off we go, me and 4 kids. Mind you, we had just spent 5 hours at the park then went to playgroup, so Katie and Tommy were tired. I knew I was pushing the envelope going, but it needed to be done.

Little did I know Mommy should have taken some serious pills or had a Martini before entering the world of shopping with 4 kids.

Casey picked out 2 bathing suits that were meant for a 20 year old with boobs.
Of course she did!
I put a stop to that and and made her pick something else. She was NOT happy.

In the mean time Katie decides she doesn't like the cart and rips off all the bathing suits at her level and tosses them on the floor, while Tommy yells "She keeps looking at me!"
The poor people trying to shop around me. I got "the look" from several of them.

As we are looking they each spot a character watch. I figure I will let them hold them so they will be quiet.

While Katie accepts the fact that Mommy isn't buying them, Tommy decides that he NEEDS a Matchbox Car watch. His is broken and he has to have it.
Mind you, he is 5 and can't even tell time yet!

He proceeds to cry and cry. Mommy is NOT giving in.

We race to the cash register with a hysterical 5 year old. I can't get out of there fast enough!

Sam, Casey and Katie decide it will be easier to wait in the car for me. THANKS!

While I am getting rung up, he continues to cry inconsolably. People around me are frightened.

I offer him as a prize to some. No one will take him.
I offer him to moms with teenagers as takers.

We finally leave the store to people offering me prayers and hopes of a better night.

He cries the entire way home. To the point he needs his inhaler.

He says to me "MOM! The woman on the loud speaker say "BUY SOMETHING YOU LOVE!" I love that watch and you didn't buy it for me!!"

Yes, because I am the worst mom of the night and I should have listened to the advertisement on the loud speaker!


Katherine Aucoin said...

LOL, I can identify but I only have half as many as you do. Great post!

Stopped by from SITS.

Kaycee said...

Oh my!! LOL! That sounds like FUN :) I have trouble going with TWO ..I cannot imagine four! Good job moma!

Rebecca Jo said...

Oh, those fun moments of having a child :)

just the five of us said...

I have 3 girls...I totally relate to the swim suit thing. Except, that my oldest daughter 16, has bigger boobs than me, and I she is falling out of every suit!

Shopping sucks:D with one or five or ten. How does that Duggar lady in Texas do it with 20?

Angie said...

OH this TOTALLY sounds like my life!!!!! I am rofl!!!! I have BTDT
soooooo many times I can't even count. It's nice to know I'm not the only one going through this! Recently Alana (13 yr old) tried on a bathing suit that looked like something Pam Anderson should be wearing...LOL..and my daughter is just now getting boobs so it was hysterical & scary at the same time... One of my saving graces is that I love to have a glass of wine in the evening...not that it helps during the day while we are on horrific shopping trips, but it's my prize at the end of the day just for surviving... :)
One day we will look back and laugh at these days beleive it or not!

Karla said...

Oh geez Rebecca! That DOES sound like hell! I hope you went home, put everyone to bed, and made yourself a stiff drink!!!

Anonymous said...

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