Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Rain Rain Go Away! has been raining here for a month! Lat weekend we got 1 day or so of sunshine.

I have cabin fever.

My house likes it though! I am cleaning out closets!

I just left Casey's room with a GIANT trash bag filled. Serves he right for not doing it. I asked her to clean it a week ago.

She didn't.

So I did!

I bet she doesn't even notice!


just the five of us said...

I have to chuckle, because I did the same thing two weeks ago! Except that it is hotter than heck here now! Happy cleaning:D

April said...

Popping over from SITS! You have a beautiful family! Send some of that rain down my way, will you?

AB HOME Interiors said...

TN has had a ton of rain to. I hate it! Stay dry.Stopping by from SITS to leave some thursday bloggy love!