Thursday, August 6, 2009

The "Not Me" Person

Yes folks, I have the "Not Me" person in my home.

I did not invite him/her.

I do not know where he/she came from.

I *think* he/she knows they are not welcome here.

Does he/she know they are wearing thin on my patience?

Does he/she know that they are just getting the one who didn't do it in trouble?

Let me tell you a few thing "Not Me" has done.

This "person" keeps taking things that do not belong to them.

He/she has "borrowed" things that do not belong to them. Surprisingly I find it in somebody's room. But that child has not used it. Hmmmmmm

It has eaten things not belonging to them without asking.

It has left dirty dishes in the sink. This is against family rules. Put your dishes right in the dishwasher.

It has caused me to blame my kids for eating in the basement TV room.

They do not clean up after themselves.

They have used my iPod without asking.


I think it has followed me from my childhood home. It is strange. It left me when I left home and didn't return into my life until I had teenagers.

Any suggestions on how to make him/her leave?


Karla said...

Oooohh yes. We had a "Not Me Ghost" that lived with us when I was a teen. Hmmm I wonder if it will return??

Stephanie said...

I am still that NOT ME person! Seriously! It's not me that does have the stuff here in this house!

Mike said...

Dunno Sis - think they are splitting time between your house and mine...