Tuesday, August 18, 2009


Last night I was taking the girls out and witnessed a motorcycle accident. A woman changed lanes without seeing the motorcycle and he ran into her car and flew off. We were right next to her car when it happened. All we heard was the crashing sound and saw all the pieces flying!

I slammed my car in park and ran over to him. I was the first one to get there. I did not know what I was going to find. He was rolling around on the grass moaning. I was trying to calm him down and told him not to move as I called 911.

Calling 911 from your cell takes you to the State Police. I forgot that! I was just saying "I am on the on ramps of 495!" Then I realized I needed more detail!

The poor man's boot had come off and his heel was just hanging there. I have never seen anything like it. Thank god for helmet laws in Massachusetts! He had a full helmet, not like the ones that just fit on top of your head. I think he may have hit the pole. He was laying right next to it.

Thank god there was a nurse who had stopped to help. She was asking him questions and knew he had a compound fracture. She stayed with him until help came.

My 2 girls (16 & 13) came running over when I told them to get back to the car. I did not want them to see his leg and foot.

I think that may have been the worst of his injuries. He was alert, knew where he was. He was grabbing his cigarettes to smoke one!

There were so many people around. I knew he was going to be ok with the nurse and others there. I ended up leaving as the police were about there. I did not want my girls to see it all. They were so shaken up. I feel guilty now for not staying. But what more could I do? I did call the police and spoke to them. They took my name and # in case they needed me.

I hope this morning he is ok!


Rebecca Jo said...

OH MY WORD.... that had to be scary... & I'm sure if it shook you up, you did good by telling the girls to get in the car. You did do all you could so it was smart to get your girls away. At least you stopped & called 911 & at least was someone there with the guy... I'm sure he appreciated that.

Karla said...

How scary! I too hope he is alright and I think you did the right thing all around! Good citizen and Mama!

shortmama said...

I have seen a couple of accidents happen and they are always a scary scene to be around. So much commotion, it is very overwhelming!

Mel said...

So scary. Glad you and your kids are OK though.

Lisa and Curtis said...

Oh Wow:(( How scary! You did everything you could possibly do! You were very helpful and were being a good mom at the same time! Hugs to you! I pray he is ok too!

Bethany said...

Oh my gosh, that's so scary! Hopefully he is okay. It sounds like you did everything you could have.