Sunday, August 30, 2009

Martha's Vineyard......again.

I am super lucky to have the in laws that I do. They have a house in Martha's Vineyard that we can go to anytime.

Chris went away for part of the weekend with his dad and brother. I took the kids to the Vineyard with my mother in law.

Yes, it was the week that Obama was there. He was staying not far from our house in Chilmark. There were no sightings of him, but I did see some cute Secret Service men!

There are always famous people, politicians and such around the island. Casey met Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick. The poor guy was hounded by people (including us) They had to shut the street down!

We tried to go to Lucy Vincent Beach, but Hurricane Dan was nearing and it was windy and cold. That didn't stop Casey from trying to Boogie Board!

After about 3 min she was done!

Tommy wouldn't go near the water. He decided to make a stone wall. Because every beach needs one!

Also, poor Grammy had a seagull poop on her and her lunch! I told her it was good luck.

Me and my big girls!

We went to a neat new place called Waters of the World in Oak Bluffs. It recently opened up. You can go in and see and touch some sea life. The little ones enjoyed it.

They had an alligator, horseshoe crabs, sharks, turtles and much more!

But their favorite part was when the gave them their own fish to take home.
Katie named hers Dorthy and Tommy has Chris (like his dad!)

This video cracks me up! The sting ray LOVED Casey petting it!

At the end of the weekend, Sam made us all dinner! A special pasta sauce, pasta and garlic bread! YUM!

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SuZ said...

You ARE lucky!! It looks like a fun trip! :)