Friday, August 14, 2009

Sweet 16


Happy Birthday to you! I can't beleive you are 16 years old! Soon you will be getting your drivers permit!

You have been such a joy in my life. Although you give me gray hairs sometimes, it isn't often.
You are such a sweet girl with a huge heart. You are also very responsible. I love being able to trust you.

I love how I can always count on you to help with the younger kids. When I ask you to watch them you rarely turn your nose up. You are so good with them. You can see how much they love you. Katie always love to snuggle with you or just be with you in your room.

Although you and Casey do not get along often, I still love the fact that she can talk to you when she is having trouble. That is what big sisters do!

Even though you do not agree with me at times or don't like what I have asked you to do, you do not hold a grudge. You still love me (even though you are mad at me) and move on. I love that.

Thank you for being you! It is such a pleasure being your mom. I hope you have a wonderful birthday!



Rebecca Jo said...

aahhh... sweet sixteen!! What a fun age!

Karla said...

Happy Birthday Sami!

Happy 16 years of parenting Rebecca!!!