Tuesday, September 1, 2009

The Passing of Dorothy the Fish

I am sad to report the Dorothy the Fish is no longer with us.

She lived a short life in our house. Only lasted about 48 hours.

I think she died of "Shaken Fish Syndrome" Her owner....AKA...Katie Mae.....liked to carry her around in the cup we got her in. As much as we told her not to, I would turn around and she would be carrying her.

When I woke up Sunday morning she was swimming a little lopsided.

I filled a small fish bowl with water and placed her in it.

She went belly up.

Although we do have a fish graveyard in the back of our house, Daddy got to her first and she became one with the toilet bowl.

Here is a few pictures in memory of her.



Lisa and Curtis said...

RIP Dorothy the Fish. You were loved.

Karla said...

RIP Dorothy...I hope Katie isn't too sad.

MyWorld said...

Why do I immediately think of Nemo and Darla?


Poor Katie. Poor Dorothy.