Monday, September 21, 2009

Family Fun Day at Battleship Cove!

Sunday we took the little kids to Battleship Cove. It is a huge Navel Ship exhibit.
You can get on all the boats and see it all. It was really neat.

My Dad was on a Destroyer while in the Navy. It was really cool to go on one and see how he spent 4 years of his life.

The stairs in the ships were very steep.
Katie, at one point, went down them without up........she fell from top to bottom! Poor kid has a welt on the back of her head.
She is one tough cookie....she cried for less than 10 min with Dad comforting her and moved on!
Tommy thought is was so awesome to be able to sit in the seats

Lay on the beds

and see Torpedos!

In the exhibits they tried to show real life. This is the kitchen.......they had MOLDY DONUTS!!! You would think they would use fake food!

And here is the washer and dryer!!! Ummmm ya.........I would not be happy having to do laundry here.....

The huge cannons were a highlight!

As was the anchor!
We ended the day on a carousel that was nearby!

Look how Katie is looking at her Daddy!

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Bethany said...

That looks like a fun experience (minus falling down the stairs, of course!) The last picture is precious :)