Monday, February 23, 2009


THE KIDS ARE BACK TO SCHOOL! *can you see me dancing?*

Oh my, what a loooooong week! They are so lucky to make it back to school in one piece.
Why does New England have so many darn vacations and days off?

Yesterday I hosted a party for my sister who got married in January (on my birthday!)
I had around 40 people here. It was crazy! But well worth it. We saw people who we have never met, people who we haven't seen in years, friends , family and the best was that my parents (after being divorced for many years) were in the same room together and it was ok!
It was a great day.


shortmama said...

I so completely understand your excitement! My daughter goes to year round school so she goes for 6-8 weeks and then is off for 2 weeks! Not to mention holidays, monthly teacher development days off and once a month 1/2 days. She gets two weeks off for spring break, it is a looooon busy time. And I only have two kids, I'm feeling for ya with four!

SuZ said...

Woot! Woot!

Karla said...

LMAO Rebecca!!! (My turn for vacation now!)

I bet your party was a blast!

Anonymous said...

LOL hope you had nice day, and so glad you had a fun party!

sherman_tracey said...

thank you so much my sister!! it was a great party! so much fun!!! there certainly were a lot of people there!