Monday, February 9, 2009

Snowflake Torture

My darling son was taught how to make paper snowflakes in school this past week.

He now makes them all the time. I really have way to many.

Snowflakes are supposed to be unique in their own way. Not these. He only knows how to make them 1 way, and he makes a lot of them!

This is his craft table with his mess.

He must really like me. I have gotten about 1,000 snowflakes and this note the other day.
It says "dear mom" in a preschool kinda way. I am not sure of the top section though. When I asked him. he forgot what he wrote.


sherman_tracey said...

ha ha ha!! I love the snowflakes! At least he doesnt know how to do real way, you would have a million little pieces of paper all over the place!!

Anonymous said...

Oh he's so sweet :)

SuZ said...

You know, I could never do those damn things... maybe it's b/c I'm in Florida and snowflakes have no place here. :) :) :)

just the five of us said...

Ahh! Snowflakes. I haven't dared teach my 1st graders that one yet. Once I taught them how to make those cootie catchers/fortune tellers and I got stuck folding all of the dang things:D