Friday, February 27, 2009

The Lego King

My 5 year old son has turned into a Lego Junkie. Actually, a Star Wars Lego Junkie. Thanks to Papa.

Papa gave him his first Star Wars Lego set for Christmas. Tommy and Dad worked on it every night. It was not meant for a 5 year old, but it quickly became the father/son activity. Tommy learned how to follow the directions and Dad learned a little bit about patience.

This is the first one they built. The V19 Torrent.
Since then he has gotten some smaller ones and can build them himself. We had some issues with him going to school and quickly learned to use Legos to our advantage. We set up a chart and everytime he went to school without crying, he got a check mark. After 6 checks (2 weeks) he would earn a new Lego set. Since we would be getting a new one anyways, we may as well make him earn it!

Wednesday he earned it! I took him to Target to pick it out. He has had his eye on a certain one.
The Jedi Starfighter. I was a little scared seeing it was for ages 7-12. My husband is away and I am not very good with Legos. I didn't want to have to help much, however I gave in. He earned it.

We bought it. He ripped it open an started. I was AMAZED. He put together 90% of it on his own! He is 5!
Here is the final product!
The proud boy!


London said...

How cool! My brother's and I used to love Legos! We would build entire cities in our rooms.

Rebecca Jo said...

Holy cow... that's impressive! I couldnt even do that!

shortmama said...

Awesome! All I could ever do was make a house!

Anonymous said...

How cool he sure looks happy :)

just the five of us said...

Do you remember when we were kids? The only lego colors were red, blue and white! And remember Lincoln Logs? It is amazing what you can build out of legos. I live in Arizona and there is a lego store, where there is lifesize dino made out of legos!

sherman_tracey said...

oh look at the proud boy! that is wonderful!

Amy said...

Wow what talent he has. I could never do that myself. I would just sit there and stare watching for it to put itself together.