Thursday, February 19, 2009


Can someone please tell me why teenagers are so frustrating and dumb? I know it sounds harsh, but really, we all know they are!

Why do they never ever think about anyone else?

Why do they never think ahead more than 2 minutes to prepare for what is happening during the day?

Why do they never clean up after themselves?

Why am I always the bad guy?

Why do they expect me to jump when ever they need a ride, money or anything else?

Why do they not like anything I cook?

Why do they think that whatever they want to do or where ever they want to go, I will say yes AND give them money for it?

Why is it, when I sak them to do something they huff and puff like the angry bad wolf? But then 5 minutes later ask me for a ride?

Can you tell I am having a bad teenager day. I hate school vacations.


Rebecca Jo said...

Sounds like a bad teenager day...

I know you dont want to hear it, but hang onto even the bad times because in a blink, they're adults & You'll long for these days....

Hang in there!

MyWorld said...

You're not giving me much to look forward to Rebecca! Ha!

Though I could probably say a lot of the same for my two year old.

Anonymous said...

:( that's all I'll tell you :(

just the five of us said...

I hear you!!! I have teenager she's 15 almost 16, and a tween, she's 12 going on 20!! I hate their hormones!!! Why did I get all girls?? I can't stand their whining or their bathroom, or their tears! So I can relate. Sometimes I think it was easier trying to lug a huge carseat around, a heavy diaper bag, and dealing with spit up when they were toddlers:D

AndreaLeigh said...

I get the baby bug and I just make the blog round and poof! it goes away. :)

just kidding. hope things improve soon.

nikkicrumpet said...

OOOH I remember those days...and mostly not fondly lol. Don't you realize that the entire universe rotates around your teen!!!! It's true...just ask em lol

Aubrey said...

When you find the answer, please pass it my way! Soon to be 16 & 12 year old over here!