Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Trash Vent

Ugh....why does the trash man torture me? I am so mad at them right now!

Friday was trash day. He emptied 1 out of 3 trash barrels. Huh??? Why would he leave 2 full?

I call the company. They assured me it would be picked up today.


I called and had to leave a message Saturday and Sunday.

Monday, I spoke to a human. Once again, they said they would come and get it.

Hmmm.....it is now Tuesday and my trash is still sitting at the end of my driveway! My neighbors think I am trash now for leaving it out!

I called this morning. The dispatcher was very apologetic. Yes, she promised it would be taken care of.

At 3:30 I called YET AGAIN! She was horrified. I am not sure if it was because of my anger or that they still hadn't come. She called the truck driver. Do you know what he said???????

He said he wasn't coming! it was to snowy and slippery. Are you F**king kidding me? We live in New England people! It is only about 2" out there!

She PROMISED me that someone would be here first thing in the morning, even if she needed to drive a pickup truck herself her.

We will see! I am glad my tax money is going to a great trash contractor. GRRRRR


Anonymous said...

WOW they are going so far ugh...

Its Me(SARA) Behind the Camera said...

WOW I would be livid also!

If it was so slippery the first time why didn't they get all of the trash that time instead of laving 2 out of 3 barrels?!?!

eugh lazy people annoy me!

I hope they come soon!