Monday, April 13, 2009

Mini Marathon 09!

Our town is the start of the Boston Marathon. There are always fun events leading up to the big day. On the big day, I usually leave town. There is just way to many people here and the roads close. This year we leave for Florida on that morning! However, the week leading up to it, fun stuff goes on.

The Kenyans usually visit the local elemantry school. That is really cool! After a big assembly, they stay and take questions from the kids. They also usually run the track (or something) with a few select kids. It is neat.

Today, the Moms Group hosted a Mini Marathon! Each kid of an "Official number" and a medal.(that was chocolate!)

Before the race, near the real start line.

Katie would NOT run. She did get a medal though!
I think Tommy ran 2 races!
The highlighter was watching the guys build a new Gazebo. Plus, their Daddy is running the project! Tommy loved showing everyone his Dad in there!


Suki said...

Just stopped by to say hi.
Came over from SITS. Great blog!

Drama queens mum said...

Very cute. Love the Red sox hat.