Thursday, April 2, 2009


I got the great idea of telling someone I would run with them in a 5K race. Yes, I had several martini's in me when I agreed. She is still holding me to it!

The problem?

I don't run and I am out of shape.

The race is in June. *sigh* I guess it is a great goal for me to reach for.

I started the other day. Sam came with me. Thank god. I was trying to get my butt up a hill and she yelled "Come on! You are lucky I came with you, now get up the hill!" So nice when your 15 year old is coaching you to move!

We walked, ran, walked, ran. It was the only way I could do it. I just came back from another run. I did slightly better today. I did put some fun music on my iPod to get me through it. It worked!

I am determined to do it! I know I can. I just need to get over the first few hurdles of pain.
Hopefully I will have a smaller booty by June too! WAHOO!


Rocksee said...

Good luck to you!! You can do it!!

Visiting from SITS!

Anonymous said...

For me 1st week is the hardest than it gets better :)
Good Luck, I know you'll do well :)

Kim said...

Good luck!!

sherman_tracey said...

this post had me cracking up too! I can picture sam being that tough coach yelling at you!!! LMAO

Hit 40 said...

I know!! My boys swim better than me. And, so much faster. The shark would definitely eat me. In regards to your boobs, my boys like to comment about my shape which is fine they feel. But, my butt is a little too big. I always reply - remember who can bake the cookies and flip the pancakes. Don't make the cook sad. Or, it is just mcnuggets for you!