Friday, May 22, 2009

Katie's Favorite Things!

Yesterday Katie told me all the things she loved.

I had to write then down because they were so cute for a 3 year old!

  1. Tinkerbell
  2. Papa
  3. Sami and Casey
  4. Rocks
  5. Movies
  6. Ice Cream
  7. Ti Ti (that is what she calls my sister)
  8. Mommy and Daddy
  9. Tommy
  10. Spoons
  11. This house
  12. Snowflakes
  13. Yogart
All the things a 3 year old loves!


Amy said...

Ahhhh to be 3 and lead such a simple caring lovable life. sigh

DiPaola Momma said...

This is TOO cute Rebecca! Both she and her brother (the big sis' too) are just lovely kiddos. You should do a Story Book about them on Fishful Thinking! Here is a link from my blog to it

Yeah I'm an Ambassador and I get points.. BUT I think you'd have a real shot at winning the scholarship. You do so many great things with all four of your kids. You should do one for EACH of them. I remember when your oldest was having mean girl trouble at school. You really helped her through that, what a MOM!

Rebecca Jo said...

What a cute list...the innocence of kids..

my favorite thing she loves: spoons!!! how cute is that!

{Katie Lane} said...

This pic is too cute! I have an award for you on my blog.

John Deere Mom said...

Rocks and spoons?! How cute is she?!

Vodka Mom said...

omg I LOVE this. And she is the cutest thing ever.


Scary Mommy said...

So sweet--- spoons are cracking me up! :)

Anonymous said...

My friend always laughs because when her 5 year old says his list me and my husband (his gaurdians in their will) are above her and his Daddy! Lol!

sherman_tracey said...

I made it to the list! I LOVE IT! I am on the same list as spoons (??) and rocks! xoxo

Rhonda said...

Love the list!!