Wednesday, May 20, 2009

White Trash Birthday

Katie's birthday turned into a yard tractor demolition derby.

Daddy and Uncle Craig decided it would be fun. Slightly dangerous, but fun.

As you see in this video, my darling husband eventually tips his over. He is lucky he didn't get hurt.

He then moved on to trying to go up a big rock and then letting it go.

The kids LOVED it! Katie kept calling it her "birthday show" saying it was "Magic!" It was funny.
Tommy asked if Daddy could put on a show when it was his birthday!


Mel said...

Fun times! The only 3 year old b-day party that is fun for grown men, I suspect! Happy birthday Katie!

SuZ said...

Now THAT is how you spend a birthday! :)

Carrie77 said...

Hahaha were they drinking? I saw a man that kept walking by with a beer...too funny! men!

John Deere Mom said...

When I first saw the pics I thought they were four-wheelers and I was all, "That's not white trash..we do that all the time!" Then I noticed they were lawn mowers! :) So funny!