Thursday, May 21, 2009

Poison Ivy, what the heck!

I want to thank my sister Michelle for giving me Poison Ivy. Well, she didn't really give it to me, but I talked to her and now I have it!

I have NEVER had Poison Ivy. In fact, when I was in elementary school I laid in a patch of it and rubbed it all over me so I would get out of going to school the next day. Yes, I thought it would appear by the next morning. No such luck.

My husband is HIGHLY allergic to it. He just seems to look at it and he gets a horrible case of it. He usually needs pills and a steroid shot.

Me, I never get it. Until now. At the age of 35.

I saw, what I thought, might be Poison Ivy in one of my flower beds. I thought of the famous saying, "Leaves of 3, let it be". Well, I didn't let it be. I pulled it out and threw it in the woods. With no gloves. What did I have to worry about? I have never had it! I went about my merry little way. I washed my hands when I went inside.

Yesterday afternoon I see a weird, small patch on my arm. Later, I see a patch on my face. Yes, folks, my face! By bedtime, I have some under my chin. This morning, yet another small patch on my face.

So thank you darling older sister. I thought you loved me.


Queenie Jeannie said...

Don't scratch!!!!! It will just spread!

You poor thing!

Rebecca Jo said...

OH no!!! I've never had it... I have a fear of it getting it - my grandpa, I swear, I dont remember him NOT having it - or having pink lotion all over him!!!

SuZ said...

Ouch.... makes me itchy just to think about it.

Angie Marion said...

poor lady! I haven't had it in YEARS! but I can't identify it either! now I see your picture, maybe I'll be able to!

Cute blog! thanks for stopping by mine! you're welcome over anytime!

Adriana said...

Oh no! That sounds awful. I am more like your husband and will get it if the wind blows the right direction. Thanks for stopping by my blog!

Stephanie said...

Oh no! But...can I see pictures just so I can confirm? ;-)

Joanna said...

Did you know that you don't typically react to poison Ivy on the first exposure? It's normally on the second exposure. Yeah, I didn't learn that lesson until my second exposure either.

shelley said...

omg, i am sooo allergic to poisin ivy! i'm just ichy reading your post and feeling your pain! lol... i once had it so bad my hands looked like they had a grape patch on them, and inbetween my fingers, i wanted to die! uhhh hope you are feeling better soon! i'm stopping over from sits roll call! stop by and say "hi" anytime, just leave the pi at home! lol