Saturday, May 2, 2009

Totally Cool Giveaway!

John Deere Mom has the BEST giveaway for boys or even your husband! Actually, I can picture myself "teaching" Tommy how to use it. That would be the only chance I got to play with it!

My Tommy and Hubby would LOVE this! This is one toy I know would keep him outside for hours!

Who wouldn't want this?

Go to her blog and check out how to enter!


John Deere Mom said...

Hey, thanks for the post! And you need to get thy buns back over to my blog. I am using the random number thingie to choose a winner and your entries are all lumped together in one comment. (Actually, 2 since you commented that this post was up.) I want them all to count, so go back over and get the others commented separately, K?!

SuZ said...

For a second I didn't see the controller and thought: HOLY HELL they're giving away a tractor.

Ha ha ha... I'm gulliable, aren't I?