Friday, May 15, 2009

Our Baby Birds!

Every year birds seem to nest in my door hangers. They did the same this year. Although this year they really made a mess of the door hanger and I will have to throw it away.

The kids really enjoy it seeing it.

We watch the birds go in and out to build the nest. Then after we think she has layed the eggs, we peak. This year there were 4 eggs.

The other day we noticed the activity. I am sure they hatched last week. But we didn't realize it. They are now bigger and can pop up and jump around. They look like they are ready to fly away any day.


Sarah said...

Neat! What a fun little learning experience! Luckily this wasn't not at my house, my son is terrified of birds! No idea why!

Rebecca Jo said...

That is so cool to have such a close up view of nature!!! You must have a pretty decent spot if you've had a nest there before... birds know a safe spot! :o)

DiPaola Momma said...

Makes me wish I didn't have cats. That and the whole litter box, shedding, snoring at night and keeping me away thing.

Jennifer Juniper said...

We have some that are just under my bedroom window. We take turns with mom holding boys as they look out to see them. I wish ours were so easy to see!

shortmama said...

They must like your decor! We have these birds that nest by our roof every year. there is this weird little lip that comes down and every year these birds make a nest in there and we see the parents flying back and forth. Too high to see the babies though.