Thursday, May 7, 2009

Potty training at it's best!

Now that Katie is fully potty trained *jumping for joy!* she goes in the potty a lot!
Not just to pee. If she needs to "let some gas out" she goes and sits.

Some kids are afraid of the flusher, Katie LOVES to flush. I am convinced she goes to sit just because she wants to flush. That is ok with me! As long as she is doing it.

Yesterday she had to join me in the bathroom while I "went". God forbid I pee alone.
After she looked at me, while she was patiently waiting to flush, and said
"Momma, you want me to wipe you?"

How precious! Little does she know that in about 50 years she may be doing that! She should take her time offering!


SuZ said...

Whatta cutie.

I've gotten my girl to sit on the potty a few times the last few days. But nada... but it's a start, right?

Karla said...

LOL!!! There goes your sewer/water bill!! I noticed a spike in mine the first few months Devin was PTing!!

sherman_tracey said...

BAA HAA!!! too stinkin funny1 and hwo cute about how she goes in there when she has gas!! I am dying!