Monday, September 22, 2008

Another Teenage Girl in the House!

My Casey is 13 today. How will I handle 2 teenage girls? Scary!

I want to tell you a little about her.

Casey is my spunky, determined, strong willed child. She is the one who gives me gray hair. She doesn't like when anyone, I mean anyone, tells her what she doesn't want to hear. She will try her hardest to change their mind.

She also will defend her family to the fullest. My favorite story to tell people is about when she was in 1st grade. There were 2 fourth grade boys on her bus. They were making fun of her sister, Sam. I had held Sam back that year, so the boys were teasing her. Casey started mouthing off to them. The bus driver reported her, I got a call from the principal and she got a warning. Well, the boys kept it up. Casey had enough. She punched them both in the face. My little 6 year old girl beat up 2 ten year old boys. Of course, I got another call and she was suspended off the bus for 2 days. The principal said the boys got punished too were totally embarrassed.

Any sport Casey does, she does it fantastic. Her specialty is gymnastics. She has been doing competitive gymnastics since she was 9. She is unbelievable at it. She always makes it to the State level competition and ends up in the top 3. She also loves soccer. She is a star player. She has played indoor and outdoor for many years.

This Saturday she is having a "13 year old bash". All she wanted was a boy/girl party. So I gave in. She just handed out 26 invitations! Please pray that it does not rain, so they can all be outside!

Her are some pictures of my girl through the years.

Losing her first tooth!

Gymnastics at 9 years old.
More recent


London said...

Good luck with the party!

Lisa and Curtis said...

Awe, Rebecca, that was an awesome post! Happy Birthday to Casey!!! Hope you have a great day!

Karla said...

She is beautiful! Happy Birthday Casey!

Stacey said...

Happy birthday Casey. That is a great story.

tracey said...

My favortie post yet. of course :) I have the picture of her and the chicken on my desk!!