Thursday, September 4, 2008

School Vent

The first day of school seemed to go well. However, the girls came home telling me all these other supplies they need. Casey had a list a while back of what they needed during the summer. Apparently, the teachers wanted to add to it once they were in school. UGH!
Sam had to wait until school started to see what each class required (she is in High School).
Now my vent......are you ready?
They both come home NEEDING school supplies THAT NIGHT! I said "I don't think teacher expect parents to run right out that night and get everything."
Of course, they beg to differ.
Now let me tell you, Casey has gymnastics until 8 and Sam has cheerleading until 7:30. There is no way I am headed to Target at 8:00 at night. Not a chance! So I said, give me a list and I will pick it up while you are at your classes.
You would think the world came crashing down! "Nooooooooooooooo! I want to pick it out!"
OK, I get that, but you are not in 3rd grade anymore and you say you HAVE to have it. This is the only way you are getting it. So then I compromise, tell me what you HAVE to have and we will get the rest this weekend. All of a sudden their tunes change........hmm......they are playing me. Teenagers!
They ended up sucking it up and letting Mom pick the stuff up. Funny though, they didn't NEED to have the stuff right away.

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