Sunday, September 14, 2008

I am not ready..... be the mother of a High School girl! It is all starting now, life as the mom of a 9th grade girl, cheerleader and all!

Sam, my wonderful 15 year old, is settling in on being a high schooler. Me? Well, not so much. She had her first taste of cheering for the football team Friday night, in the pouring rain! However, she doesn't just go and cheer. In our town, the night before a home game they have a spaghetti dinner. Lucky for me, this time, the boys were not there. I thought I was in the clear. So I thought. NOPE......after the game the players and cheerleaders have a pizza party at a players house. *gasping for air* I called several mothers, they all assured me that a parent is there. Still made me uneasy.

This event led me to the talk with her about parties and drinking. I am not stupid, I have been there. I told her that if she was ever anywhere where she was uncomfortable to call me. I would come and get her. No questions asked. If she was somewhere and there was drinking, call me, I will get you, no questions asked. If she was ever with someone who was drinking, do not get in the car. Call me, no questions asked. I assured her she would NOT be grounded or in trouble. I would rather her safe. I think this was fair. My sister was almost killed in a car accident at 16 because my mother would not come and pick her up. She had to find her own ride home. I vowed I would ALWAYS pick my child up. I don't care if she is 3 hours away.

Then came Saturday night, her first High School dance. There is a BIG difference between a Freshman and a Senior. I was so worried. She seemed to have fun. I was picking her up and went early to get prime parking to spy. *yes, I am THAT mom* Man, I forget how obnoxious teenagers are. They were all out in the parking lot talking, hanging out etc. So different from Middle School where they are not allowed to leave the school until a parent walks in and gets them.

Lastly, today she asked if she could go to Andrews house. Andrew is her boyfriend. I told her no, but he could come to our house. I figure, better my house than his. I can keep an Eagle Eye out.

I know this is just the beginning. I figure I will have a full head of gray hair by June.


Karla said...

OMG Rebecca!!! I will so be "THAT MOM" too!!!! I am sure that your talks with her will provide her with great personal qualities and decision making skills. I look forward to hearing about your adventures as a Mom to a HS-er as I won't be there for a very loooong time! ;)

Stacey said...

I would be that mom also. I am having a hard time believing that I am a mom of a 4th grader. I can not imagine what I would be like when he gets to high school.