Tuesday, September 2, 2008

"Bye Poopie!"

Yup, that is what Katie said to my mom yesterday! We were at my brother's for a cookout yesterday and we were saying bye to people. She looked at my mom and said "Bye Poopie!". My mom thought it was funny (got to love Gramma's) I was so embarrassed!

She has started saying "Bye Poopie" or "Bye Pee Pee" to people. What am I to do? She started last week at my father in law. I played it off like she was trying to say "Grampy". Yes, it doesn't sound like it, but she has never said "grampy" so I thought I would work with it and run! She has said it at home, we have told her no, then we tried ignoring her. Any thoughts on stopping this?


Lisa and Curtis said...

LMAO I have no advice on how to stop it but that is DARN CUTE! lol

Stacey said...

Ethan does the same thing. I love how they are getting sense of humor. I have no idea how to stop it but it is cute.