Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Taxi Service Anyone?

I have been feeling like a taxi service lately. I am thinking I should start charging a fee. I am feeling totally unappreciated.

My day yesterday looked like this.

Morning- grocery store and personal/business errands
12:30- Drive Tommy to preschool
3:00- Sam Dr appointment
3:35- Get Tommy at school
5:00- Sam to cheering
6:00- Casey to gymnastics
7:00- Mandatory Parent/Student meeting at the high school for athletes
8:00- Get Casey from gymnastics

I had to be "That Mom" again and leave in the middle of the Athletics meeting to go get Casey. I didn't realize it went until 8:30. I sat in the worst possible spot. The farthest from the door. Yup, there was me, walking out as the Distract Attorney was talking to us all about drinking/drugs. Did I mention he lives in our town and knows who I am? It was like doing "the walk of shame".

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London said...

I'm sorry you feel unappreciated for all of your hard work as mom. I'm pretty sure I took for granted all the times when my mom was my taxi diver, among other things. Don't worry, one day your kids will have kids of their own and realized how much you did for them. Every time I talk to my mom lately I tell her how great of a mom she was. So, what I'm saying is, they do appreciate, they just don't realize it yet!