Monday, December 15, 2008

Bad Mom Award

Yup, I am giving this to myself tonight.

Casey's Chorus concert was tonight. I had it on the calendar for tomorrow.

At 6:10 she says "Mom, did we forget about my concert? I have to be there at 6:30!"


Chris has a meeting at 7:00 that he has to be at.

I have the 2 little ones here who I would rather not take to a 7th grade concert. I am pretty sure everyone there, would rather me not take them too!

What to do..........I call my very dependable friend, Donna. Who has a daughter the same age. She is a good Mom, so I know she has already fed her kids and is dressed and ready to go.

I call her....guess what? She is dressed and ready to head out the door! She came and picked up Casey and took her. THANK GOD!

Want to know a secret? I am secretly excited I didn't have to go. I have sat through every concert for 2 girls since 3rd grade! Sam is now in 9th grade. That is a lot of stinken concerts! **SHHHHH....don't tell****


quitecontrary1977 said...

I swear I don't know how moms with more than one kid make it to all the vents, do all the shopping, gets everyone to school/lessons/sporting events, nd all tha other stuff. I have one baby, and feel like I'm struggling to do everything. You sound like a pretty awesome mom to me!

Lisa and Curtis said...

LOL I don't blame you! I wouldn't want to go either!(I won' tell;) )
Glad it all worked out!

Preston said...

Rebecca, that doesn't make you a bad Mommy. It just makes you a very, very busy Mommy. :) Mommies need a break every now and then so don't be tiough on yourself!

Mommie Mayhem said...

LOL your secret is safe with me !

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DiPaola Momma said...

Oh I get this award too! In fact #2 had her "winter" concert (because you know they can't call it a Christmas pagent anymore!) last week. I had it marked for the following week. Well my little ones were filthy from making cookies, I looked like the woman from that old Rice Crispy's commercial.. you know the one dusted with flour? And #1 had rehersals for his audition piece. So I said "um #2 how bad do you want to be there?" See she is more into the dance thing and isn't in the Chorus but her school includes everyone in the concert. I just couldn't face rushing to get everyone ready and dealing with the 4 parking spaces they have at a school with 400 kids! I was relieved when she said she really didn't feel like going anyway.

Then I felt like bad mom. Aren't we soposed to be all gushy about these things? Camera in hand and big smiles.. after all these are the moments to cherrish. I think I will cherrish more the fact that my daughter didn't feel like the hassel either.. what kind of mom am I?!!!

A good one JUST LIKE YOU

Kaycee said...

Awww Rebecca!! Shame on you! LOL jk! You are a busy lady, you deserved it.

Was Casey upset? She prob would rather not have you there anyway huh? I was always the sensitive type though and HAD to have my parents there. (i AM an only child though..ha!)

MammaWarrior said...

Haha, I am glad to hear u have a good friend! I would say your Mom of the Year award doesn't need to be put in the closet yet ;)

Anonymous said...

Oh you're not a bad mom, just a busy tired one LOL It happens to all of us, and if it can happened to us with only one child than definitely it can happened to you with 4 =)