Friday, December 12, 2008

Dinner and Shopping

What is better than food and shopping? NOTHING!

I went out with my Mother in Law last night. We did this last year and are going to make it our tradition.

We went to a yummy Chinese place called PF Changs. It was so yummy! Then we shopped until the mall was closing!

I picked up a few gifts for the girls. I will not divulge the info because I know Sam reads this!

I did pick up a gift for Chris from the kids. Every weekend they make pancakes. It is their thing to do. I saw this pan and could not resist! I added this syrup for fun.

I also got a cool scarf for myself at Anthropology. I needed one. No one will buy I did. To: me- From: Me! This store is so cool. They have just some fun, neat things. I got my mom her gift **Again not divulging because I know she read this!**

Almost done with my shopping. Are you?


DiPaola Momma said...

Everytime I think I'm done I remember something else I need to pick up. I did great this year though. The DH and I went to Europe this summer and I shopped there. I didn't give anyone the stuff I bought, I told them all that their gifts would come at Christmas. BOY I'd LOVE to make that a tradition! HA

If you are looking for more Target deals/steals check out
Mindi posts some serious deals.

I picked up 5 of those Airwick things and am putting them in the baskets I give to the kids teachers.. NO APPLE stuff in sight!

Anna said...

i LOVE PF Changs! It is the only Chinese food that I will eat now!

Blissful Babe said...

I love that pan!! So cute!! And I especially love Crate & Barrel!

SuZ said...

Done? HA HA HA. I've barely started!! I have small things for Roo but nothing for the Mr. Me. ECK!!!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like lots of fun :)

I've finished my Christmas shopping so early this year even before Thanksgiving, well that doesn't stop me to still add stuff LOL mostly for my daughter :)

Rebecca Jo said...

MMMM - I love PF Changs.....

We still havent gotten started on shopping... I'm feeling the stress!!!

DiPaola Momma said...

Yeah I've thought about paying some super smart tech savy wonder kid to fancy up my blog to, but then I think.. what else can I do w/the money. I'll probably give in soon.. maybe w/that first $100 from google HA!