Friday, October 17, 2008

11 Years Today......

Chris and I had our first date. Awwwwww.......... Want to know where he took me? On a motorcycle ride! He picked my up and we went on a charity bike ride called "Pumpkin Ride". I have no idea what the charity was for, I just knew I was on the back of this hot guy's bike! We were with a bunch of his friends. After we went out to eat to a local pub. I wanted a burger so bad. He ordered a wimpy chicken sandwich. I figured to impress him, not gross him out, I would order the same.

A little back story on how we met:

We met at a gym. He worked out, I worked there (and worked out!). He walked in and I said to my friend "I am going to have him!" **It was a little more vulgar than that, but in case my Mom is reading, I will keep it clean** A few days later he walked over to me and asked me out.

His friends razzed him for going out with a divorcee with 2 small kids (they were 2 and 4). However, as he puts it, he didn't want to date me, he just wanted to get me in the sack **Sorry Mom!** We had some troubled times of him having a hard time being with someone with 2 small kids, totally understandable. We even broke up for a few months. Yes folks, he dumped a few weeks after a fabulous birthday. (He took me to Boston in a limo, we all know what a limo right entails right?) He then realized he couldn't live without me, who could right?

It has been wonderful since then. Marriage, 2 beautiful kids and a wonderful life. It doesn't get any better than that!


Miranda said...

awww.. how sweet! Congrats on 11 years! Smart guy to realize what he had. :)

oº˚ Queen Bee ˚ºo said...

Me and my husband has been together for 14 years. I love it couldn't ask for anything better!

Enjoy your day!
Much Love

Karla said...

Awwww, what a love story!! Thanks for sharing it!

Stacey said...

Aww that is a great love story. Thanks for sharing.