Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Sisterly Love....NOT

Why can't sisters get along? I mean, really? What is so hard?

Casey has a new friend that moved to town. I will call her "C". I ADORE "C". She is sweet, cute and comes from a nice family. I have encouraged their hanging out more and more. I think she is a good influence. She has spent a lot of time at our house in last week.

Well, Casey has never been one to like sharing. This now includes "C". When "C" is here, Sam likes to talk to her and hang out with them. Casey DOES NOT like that! I am trying to explain that she should be happy that her sister likes her friends and they can all get along. Casey feels that Sam is "stealing" her. Which can't be more further from the truth. What would a high schooler want to steal 12 year old?

It all came to a head in the mall yesterday. The 3 girls shopped while I took the little ones to a puppet show there. I had the "talk" with them before we went. Everyone was to get along, everyone was to include everyone...yada yada yada. Apparently Casey didn't like Sam having conversations with "C". She ended up mad, in the bathroom crying. It was horrible, embarrassing. Poor "C" felt awful and torn between 2 sisters. We ended up leaving.
I apologized to "C" for Casey's behavior and offered to bring her home. She didn't want to go! She wanted to come back to the house! (I am still scratching my head on that!)

In the end, they are all ok. Casey is not allowed friends over for a while. I know this is the start of my teenage girls and their differences. I just wish they came with a manual or their own private therapist!

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