Sunday, October 26, 2008

Pumpkin Carving!

We (well, Chris and the kids) carved the pumpkins. We decided the driveway was the best place. I didn't want the mess in the house!

Tommy was saying it was stinky!
Chris cleaning it out. Tommy wouldn't go near it. Notice the latex glove on Daddy's hand. I am not sure if that was being smart or being a sissy.

Daddy needs a beer to get through it! haha!

Katie wanted to mark hers up so Daddy knew where to cut.

This is a little one we actually grew. It was to little to carve so Tommy wanted to draw on it.

Then they all disappeared and left Mommy to clean up!

The end result!
Casey's in the one on the right, Tommy's the middle and Kate at the end.
Hers is a Cyclops one! Daddy got lazy at the end!


sherman_tracey said...

is caseys on the left or right when looking at it? I hope the left lol I love the cyclopse! and thomas holding his nose!!! ha ha ha!! Great pics!

Wolf said...

how fun! we carved our pumpkins a little too early and with all the warm weather they collapsed on us before halloween got here!

pumpkin carving was always a treat in our family and i hope it continues to be in my new family.

i came over from SITS!